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<Massimo Orlando est un musicien complet, et m’a donné beaucoup de satisfaition.>
 Ottobre 1989  Raymond Guiot <C’est avec plaisir que je recommande Massimo Orlando  … et c’est pour cela que je vous confirme son talent.>
Novembre 1989  Alain Marion
<Trés musicien et excellent flûtiste, il me permet d’approfondir les textes et d’aller loin dans la recherche.
Je peux des maintenant lui prometre un tres bel avenir. >

Dicembre 1989  Patrick Gallois
<Massimo Orlando: the gifted flautist emerged as an astonishingly fluent and confident soloist. His warm, full tone and superlative technique merged beautifully a charming work full of delightfull.> 
Aprile 1993  The Sunday Times - Malta <Dear Massimo Orlando, allow me to congratulate you on your outstanding performance last week. It was my pleasure to hear your concert in Milano. In my position of Chairman of Management of the “I.P.O.”, I try to hear as many young musicians around the world as possible and rarely have I heard such a beautiful flute sound! Your intonation, phrasing and musical expression was superb>
Settembre 1997  Zvi Litwak
Chairman - Israel Philharmonic
Orchestra Management < In 1993 I invited Mr. Orlando to collaborate whit me, it was a great pleasure to make music together with this extremely accomplished young artist! Audiences all over the world will enjoy hearing this outstanding Italian musician.> 
Agosto 1999  Judith Liber 
I° Arpa Solista della Israel Philharmonic Orchestra   
Direttrice Musicale dell’Israel International Harp Contest.