“Uno Flauto per Me!“ - “A Flute for Me!“
I am pleased to announce you the publication of a new Method for Flute:
“Un Flauto per Me!” (“A Flute for Me!”)
by Massimo Orlando & Massimiliano Torsiglieri
published by Volontè & Co – Italy (MB124).

The book, in form of single volume of 124 pages with attached CD, is part of the collection “Uno Strumento per Me!” (“A Musical Instrument for Me!”), conceived and supervised by Ciro Fiorentino,  himself Author of  “Una Chitarra per Me!” (“A Guitar for Me!”).
The work provides the aspirant musicians with easy suggestions for overcoming the classical difficulties in approaching the instrument,  inducing a constant attention to the value of ear training, creativeness, improvisation and offering effective tools for self-assessing personal achievements........in conclusion a Method which is at the same time serious and simple, rigorously structured and charming, having the aspiration to demonstrate that enjoying-while-learning is possible!
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Massimo Orlando presents:
Part 2 Part 4 Critical remarks by the Great Flutists